Christmas Concert

November 28, 2015 - 01:30 PM / 03:00 PM

Bake Sale starting at 12:30

  • baked goods need to be delivered to the gym by 12 pm if you aren’t bringing them on Friday
  • all singers should arrive by 12:30 in concert dress (refer to the email sent on Nov. 23rd)


  • The concert begins at 1:30, but the doors to the sanctuary won’t be open to the public until 1 pm.
  • There is no charge to get into the concert, but we will take a silver collection at some point in the performance. 

Other fundraising goodness
In addition to our awesome bake sale taking place before (and possibly after) the concert, we will have a draw for two amazing gift-card marvels. As we’re not licensed to sell raffle tickets, instead, we will ask for $5 donations. As a thank you, we will add your name into a draw barrel. You may be lucky enough to win a fabulous collection of $10 gift cards. The value of each prize will be at least $300. 

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